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When players reach this level they will win 5 re-spins and killing the Queen Hive with one grenade will get players the maximum win. Also, some pokies games only activate multiple pay lines if your maximum bet is played. What discerns Slotomania from your average, down the pub pokies experience is that our games are online and can be played on your PC through Facebook or downloaded through apps and played on smartphone and smart pad devices.

Each alien ship you shoot down during the free games will award you credits the amount of FIFTY times your current bet. Each alien ship you shoot down during the free games will award you credits the amount of TWENTY times your current bet.

We recommend that you first play the online pokie in the free play mode and if you like it then you can switch over to real money wagering.

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One year since its launch, IGT's bluechip Pokies Machine continues to gather momentum through impressive performance and strong player appeal.

When slots were at a fledgling stage, reels used to be large hoops made from metal that physically spun inside the machine. But now that more and more investors are adopting innovations, modern slots contain up to 5 reels.

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